About Us

Bancon Developments Ltd. was established as a real estate company in the year of 2009. Bancon has the specific purpose to providing design and developments service in Dhaka region. The company consists of Architects, Engineers and Landscape Architects all working towards common goals, demanding standards and a shared vision. The business and reputation has been built on the foundations of innovative architecture, consistent quality construction and unparalleled personal service.
Bancon Developments Ltd consistently strives to exceed the high quality of service by regularly improving best practice in environmental and technical standards, combined with continuous cultural and service training whilst investing in personnel to meet its customer’s expectations.

We are committed towards quality covering all procedures by adhering to the international standards code and the Health and Safety at Work banners. Bancon Developments Ltd is also responsible for the acquisition of land, design and construction, through to the sale and or lease of all properties.


Our vision is to become the leading real estate investment, advisory and property Development Company in Bangladesh. We aim to maximize our shareholders value and our clients wealth in accordance with strong principles, and to contribute to the social and economic wellbeing of the communities we serve. Our values of integrity, innovation, client service, performance and team spirit, serve to guide our personal and professional behavior.


Bancon Developments Ltd. has been a trend setter in the line of Apartments and commercial complexes in Dhaka over the past two years. We have done research of feasibility study on such concepts & creations. We have the experience of creating townships, villas & Row houses with total infrastructure from Water Supply, electricity to internal roads among lush green surroundings.

The Touch

We possess a strong team of Architects, Engineers, Landscape Architects, Electrical Engineers, Plumbing and fire fighting consultants. The Group has strong knowledge Bank of various real estate related issues with a strong hold in laws, bye laws to new technologies in property development. We create intensive market research to proper planning and value addition. The group has itself and in house marketing team which by enters into core value additions in the planning through branding and professional approaches. We possess a vast experience in creating of Residential, Commercial complexes, townships, shopping Malls & Farm Houses.


We have a mission to be among the top providers of Houses and not just houses, but a complete lifestyle which exceeds expectations. To give world class office Towers, shopping Malls & Multiplexes and thereby creating standards for lifestyle. We live up to our values and continuously innovate and improve the way of life. We always live to our commitments whether verbal or in writing. Our mission is to identify new, value-added real estate investment opportunities; offer innovative investment products and professional advisory services to our clients; forge enduring and mutually beneficial relationships with our business partners; and provide our staff with an inspiring and rewarding work environment.

Our Policy

Bancon appointed directors and management are committed to develop systems of management, operations and sales aimed at delivering construction, and service excellence. The main objectives of this commitment are to meet and exceed our customer requirements and expectations, in order to secure the welfare, health and safety of our personnel and to meet and maintain the applicable environmental requirements. We are committed and determined to be market leaders in the field of design, construction and development and are competitive on both, local and international standings. We place great emphasis on their recruitment, training and retention. We promote leadership and career progression through incentive programs, and conduct periodic performance analysis and reviews. The Board of Directors meet collectively on a monthly basis to evaluate, upgrade and reflect change for what is regarded as best practice.


The company’s strategic and operational policies including: property and land acquisitions, company structuring, positioning and growth, design and approval of property developments, price structuring and marketing, senior staff and personnel appointments, setting and monitoring of budgets, review of financial performance, planning and forecasts, capital expenditure, operational planning and implementation, review of client satisfaction reports, review of risk management, compliance and health and safety issues, legal, taxation and environmental compliance, departmental goal setting and achievements are maintained properly.